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EDGE hanging???

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
It's definitely a Monday here this morning!

What's up with this: I am trying to run a 7 foil change print job of military decals. I get to the 4th color, it prints where it's supposed to, & just sits there unwinding the 4th color nonstop?

Never had this issue before. I did take what I had to the plotter because this was my test run before doing the whole job. The plotter cut a few of 'em & then stopped halfway thru a contour cut. Nothing responded anymore, & my whole system froze.


Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
Fred Weiss said:
Sounds like the Rainbow Sentinel Driver is not configured correctly.

It's worked forever as setup 'til now? My thought was since this job is most number of foil changes I've done, mebbe I need to get more RAM? Or does that even make a diff.? Runnin' outa time on a job that will get me a whole new market segment for small decals - from the various military branches at a joint reserve base within window rattlin' distance of low flybys.


New Member
What version of software? What type of Edge? Windows program? Foil brand? I've run more spots than that so it isn't the number of spot changes. Fill us in on equipment and software info and some one may be able to help. I had an issue a few years back and needed to reload a different .exe file sent to me from Gerber. I had my prints stop in the middle of a four color process run. Static was the first thing everyone thought of but it turned out to be an .exe file as when I loaded it, all was well. It still could be the rainbow settings even if you have been running things all along. Try over on 4edgetalk as it's a site all about the Edge and you may find some one there who can help.

Fred, if I wasn't suppose to mention the other site, I'm sorry, just trying to help.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Unlike other sites Marlene, I feel it is a core function of this site to refer others to useful sites and information ... so I have no problem with it.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
Well, I have a gig of RAM in already and all is well. The "Sports Decals" thing has really mushroomed on me, & as I said I'm now doing military patch replica decals at nearby joint reserve base. I sure recommend anyone with an EDGE pursue this. I said previously that girl's fastpitch softball has the most fanatical, competitive parents who are always bringing me orders! I let the parent who handles orders for a team have 2 decals for their kid free for doing the legwork for me. They even seem to be fighting over who gets to do that! I charge 'em $14 apiece for average size 4"x4" 3 color decals, and like I've also said - I'm doing them every week!