Edge Tables


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Workhorses deserving of their own stable! We built a couple of these a few years ago to hold our Edges.. pardon the mismatch, our edge 2 is being serviced.

The vinyl just feeds in to the hole in the table and stacks neatly.. when it back feeds you just roll it up. I let it just hit the ground on the other side of the plotter, or use a catch basket. I meant to build some catch baskets that hung off the edges but never got around to it.. still happy with it.


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Tony, that looks pretty good but how do you feed vinyl into the plotter with that arrangement? There is no place to put the vinyl roll holder in back of the plotter.

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Pretty cool.
Our edge and plotter are on opposite edges of a cabinet that holds the foil with the feed roller in the middle.
We roll the material back up on our roller flip the roll and feed it to the plotter.

BTW the edge is a solid piece of equipment that has its niche.


not to ask a stupid question but I have the same plotter and I notice your bomb site seems to be mounted on some kind of tool holder..... OK if I have one of those on my plotter and never knew it, I guess I am the stupid one lol