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Encad 600e problem


New Member
I run a couple of Encad 600e's and one of them has a problem. If anyone here is familiar with these machines, maybe you can help me out here. This is really aggravating.

Every time i turn the Encad on it cycles through the startup stuff and then for no reason the head assembly moves to the "ACCESS CARTRIDGE" area and starts shooting the media backwards continuously. the only way to stop it is to go to feed media menu and hit forward or backwards. Once i stop the media I have to manually move the head assembly back to the capping station for the printer to continue working correctly. I read somewhere on the internet about someone with the exact problem but didnt know how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


New Member
i have encad too, but ive never seen this problem
check your media sensor to make sure its clean.. Just a guess


New Member
Pull it apart and reseat all the cables. Clean that paper sensor under the heads.
Pull the control panel and clean the buttons contacts.
Perhaps a button got some ink in it and it's shorting out the controls.

Pull all the heads then power off and back on without the heads to see if the problem repeats

Call Kent at globalinkjetupply if none of this helps.

If it's my old printer, try removing the cartridge hack chip.

I've never seen this problem either.