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Encad NovaJet Pro


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I was just wondering what the reputation of this printer is. Have a chance to get one and I'm not sure on the quality. Also what software would run this printer. Would it run of off a Flexi Rip or Wasatch :help:
Thanks in Advance, Kevin


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Hiya Kevin,
It's not a bad printer. But, if you compare it to the newer machines, it's a dog.
The inks are water based. If you run it with pigmented inks, the prints may last 6 months to a year, unlaminated.
The resolution is an apparent 300 D.P.I.
It's very slow, but fairly reliable.
Just about any software should be able to run it.

Havin' fun,



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I have an 850 & a 700

Water based ink
600 dpi
Great saturation
Great Indoor printer
Must Lam prints
Big bucks for media
220ml Ink limit on cart from on board Chip
You can hack chip to get more than 220ml
Carts fail all the time
EZ to fix & clean
Dated printer
Would not buy unless you have an indoor market and you got it for dirt cheep like $1200.00

Oh by the way do you want to buy a 60" 700 for $1200 :) I got one for sale


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Carts fail all the time
yes they do.. but, on the other hand,, I purchased just one set of carts.. Just one.

Since then encad has been very honest about replacing any bad carts. Never had a quesion. never had to wait.. Always kind and helpful on the phone.

I always have new carts in my encad printer. I never have to worry about a cartridge running out.. I really like it. Let one go bad. I don't care. It gets me a new one within a day or two.



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southpawP8NTR said:
Derf, have you found any problems with compatibility between media and ink. Also are you spray laminating any of your prints.

Yes you must use coated media, There is also in door and out door inks or pigmented and non pigmented inks.


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We have spray laminated and cold laminated..... the spray works OK but you get a kind of matte finish the cold lam works the best.