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EnRoute 2.3 and WinXP SP2

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I have a technical question regarding the possibility of operating EnRoute 2.3 under Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. It's been a few months since I have investigated this issue (since Win XP SP2 was first released). Some recent Windows critical updates have reminded me of it.

Our shop has three Flexi licenses, but one of the dongles is a HASP-based parallel port dongle that operates both Flexi 7.0 and EnRoute 2.3 under Windows XP Service Pack 1. Having what I feel are valid concerns about SP2 possibly toasting the EnRoute/Flexi key, I disabled automatic updates sometime back and have carefully installed critical updates but without allowing SP2 to install.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with the 1/2005 dated HASP driver (version 4.96), particularly with running Flexi, EnRoute 2.3 or both? I'm not sure I want to try running this manual installer unless I'm absolutely sure it will work. The ZIP folder came with two files (hinstall.exe and haspds_windows.dll). This key runs on a pretty important production system. The two other Flexi keys (one a 7.5 and the other a 6.6) are on design computers.

Before anyone suggests it, yes I have thought hard about getting EnRoute 3. But the upgrade is pretty pricey and the 2.3 version is working for what we need. We'll eventually have to bite the bullet and upgrade. It seems like a pretty recent memory of migrating from CASmate over to Flexi. That wasn't too awful cheap.

dennis j

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Bobby, have you registered with SA yet if you haven't then go to their web site http://www.scanvecamiable.com and register you can get a user name and password. On their forurm they address different concerns about XP2 and Hasp Drivers we are still running Windows 2000 so I haven't had to face this yet, I think you will find the answers to your questions on the SA forum.


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Was the key that now operates Flexi and EnRoute once a Casmate key? If so, it is a HASP brand key, not Aladdin brand.

As Dennis mentioned, I would highly recommend contacting ScanvecAmiable regarding this issue before taking the chance of downing your production.

I would worry about the EnRoute continuing to work under the new HASP Driver... Read everything below and if you are still not sure, contact ScanvecAmiable. COntact them via their e-support system and it is free... http://www.scanvecamiable.com/support/e-support.asp

Here are the installation instructions for that HASP Update from SA:

During January 2005 Microsoft offered an automatic update for their
XP operating system that may cause a problem with your Aladdin key
driver. This change may cause the Scanvec Amiable software to be
unable to locate the Hasp key.

To correct this problem, a simple Hasp Driver updater is available to
download and run.

The new XP Hasp driver is necessary ONLY for users who have installed a
Windows XP Update during January 2005, and have an Aladdin brand
security key.

Easily update your HASP Driver

This new XP Hasp driver is easy to install:

1. Close your Flexi, PhotoPRINT or EnRoute application completely.
2. Download the XP Hasp Update from the Scanvec Amiable website:
a. www. ScanvecAmiable.com
b. Under the SUPPORT section, choose DOWNLOAD LIBRARY
c. Locate the UPDATE section
d. From the drop down list, select the "Hasp Key Driver"
e. Under Platform, select "PC" as your platform
f. From the drop down list select "HaspXP.ZIP"
g. Click the DOWNLOAD button
3. Download the HaspXP.ZIP file onto your computer’s desktop or other location.
4. Unzip the HaspXP.ZIP file into its component files:
5. Double click on the HaspInstall.BAT file to automatically install the update
6. You will be prompted “The operation was successfully completed.”
7. Open your Flexi, PhotoPRINT or EnRoute and it will find the key
8. You may delete the ZIP file and updater files:

NOTE: You will now be able to open and operate your Scanvec Amiable software
without a key error.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
The key on this computer is an Aladdin brand key. It is a white key with the same HASP logo on the back of it (with a halo around the "A") as shown on the Aladdin download page accessible from Scanvec-Amiable's support page. This key replaced a former CASmate key that was changed to run Flexi 6.x and EnRoute 2.1. We had to change out keys when we changed that station's system with a Dell unit running WinXP Professional. Upgrading to Flexi 7.x and getting the EnRoute 2.3 patch were necessities with the change in hardware.

The only former CASmate key we have left is on another design station and that one is fixing to get replaced (we'll get a USB key for Flexi 7.6 on that one). Our third Flexi key is a USB based that runs fine under XP Pro SP2.

I guess I'll try getting back in touch with Scanvec-Amiable about this. Maybe they might know something new. A few months ago they recommended prevention of SP2 installing.


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The word "upgrade" is no longer a term that means "upgrade"
It is actually becomming a subscription service. Payable via the "upgrades" Very often software has very little work done to make them better. Usually just fix a few bugs and add on a new interface. ITs become a way to ensure a regualr income. The old model of wrigin software and you buying it is long gone.

Rememer. You are getting a subscription. Just read the ULA and you will see how much they have changed the last few years.