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Envelope Node Handles???


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Where'd they go?

I used to be able to manipulate the node handles on my envelope curves. Now I've got nodes, but I never see the handles any more, which makes it rather difficult to achieve desired results.

Anybody else encounter this? Know what I'm doing wrong? or What I need to do to fix it?

I've got CorelDRAW version 12.



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You're really working Corel hard when that happens . . . and it is a common problem. You should notice that the contour tool is also affected almost every time this happens. The only fix I have found is to save the current document, close Corel, Log off or shut down and restart.

Almost all of the problems you're encountering have one thing in common, a HUGE amount of nodes.

You can almost always avoid the problem too. After converting components (text, outlines, polygons, etc.) to objects, you MUST reduce the number of nodes immediately. Once you've done the reduction, you should be alright.

You really need to work on finding new ways to accomplish the same effects if you run into this problem often. Your biggest obstical is learning to use the program for different applications.

If you are creating images for websites or to post on the forum, there is no need to be real picky as to how you achieve a certain effect. If you want to create a shadow, just copy the object, send it to the rear, reposition it and give it the fill color you desire. If you are creating multiple outlines for the same object, copy the object and layer it several times placing the object with the largest outline on the bottom and the smallest outline on top.

If you are creating objects for print, use the same techniques, but use your printing options to do the color seperations.

If you're creating items for cutting out of vinyl, you will need to be real picky and diligent about reducing nodes.This is where I think Corel Draw is the weakest, converting to objects. I'm honestly considering a move away from Corel in the near future and would urge you to look into other vector based illustration programs too. You can download a trial copy of Adobe Illustrator from Adobe's website, check it out.

William, feel free to e-mail me about Corel draw any time.


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There should be an "unconstrained mode" when using the envelope tool. Choose the envelope tool and look on your top tool bar for the button. Then click on one of the nodes and you should have your handle there.



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Stevo and Jimdes,

Thanks for the replies guys.

Today, after reading your posts I booted up Corel and did an envelope...

...and my node handles are back (whew!)

BTW, I WAS using the unconstrained mode (that's what was so puzzling), and the envelope starts off with only 8 nodes and I usually delete two of those. So I'm guessing when I've got 4 or 5 Corel files open (some with several jpgs) plus AOL running and Adobe Photoshop Elements that Corel decides, "Hey, if he's gonna do all that, he ain't getting no node handles! No way!" I guess a reboot is in order in that case.

Thanks again,