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  • Hey Ho Stevo... been awhile and hope things are good (I like the attitude on your avatar... happy holidays and all that crap LOL!!!!

    Thanks again Stevo for the great design for the NW Meet~n~Greet! Maybe next year we will see you there!
    Hi Stevo....don't know how long your request has been there. I just noticed it.....later,
    welp i just learned what this friends deal is ..i keep getting messages asking if i want to be friends ..well the ones i like there posts , i click yes ...but hell i never knew what was going on ..i see i have a whole list of friends over here in my private part ...hope this gets to you stevo
    Thanks for the request Stevo..your work is killer dude. I love looking at it for inspiration.
    Hi Stevo thank you for the friend request. Of course I will be your new friend. Cheryl
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