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  • Hey Al,
    This is Sarah from Georgia. We helped with the fundraiser. How are you?
    You are in my thoughts.
    Great seeing you again Al! Always a great time hanging out with you! Can't wait until we get to do it again!
    Just please don't schedule it for my World of Wheels weekend Feb 6-8!
    I gotta call Glantz to see if they can get the Ronan.
    Ya ready for the big snow little man?
    My friend Bill sez he will give us something to use as a primer on the boat, it's called Galvinoleum.
    At the very least, the fumes should be interesting. Also hearing we should use Ronan Aqua Cote.
    Greetings O Man of the Shiny Green Wig!
    Yins get any snow this morning?
    Lose any money on that last Stillers game? Damn refs.
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