Exterior LED lights, do they need to be "inclosed"?

Andy D

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My customer wants plate aluminum, cut to shape, backlit, mounted outside.
I know code is different everywhere, but generally speaking, can LED lights be used if
they will be exposed to the weather? If not, is there a "self enclosed" type of LED light system
that can be used?

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please research IP ratings. you need an ip67 light if you are in a moist climate. power supplies must always be contained


Nope. Though proper wire connectors are also required, 'jellybean' style skotchloks work well.
We use principal quikmod 2 series for stuff of this nature. Cheap and ip67 or 68, I forget. Biggest issue is getting led's to properly diffuse if you are doing individual letters, but for a large logo shape, you can pretty well place them in the center and get a decent wash.


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I went through this with a customer. They had seen something on Pinterest with house numbers, and then there is an old guy near here doing steel ones with a torch, and using the light ropes people decorate their houses with for lighting (complete with extension cords for the power on the ones I've seen). However, there is no professional LED sign lighting designed to be used this way. It has to be enclosed. You can do neon this way, or some other lamp fixture designed to be used outdoors, but I was not able to find any LED solution.


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Check the strip joints and see what they use. They always have LED stage lighting and there is a ton of moisture flying around in there (or so I have been told).




ip 68, silicone hole for class 2 power only, don't run 120v through the wall unless you are doing it in conduit with liquitight connections and something like this: