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Eye candy in a text?

I am trying to put a eye candy inside a text. I went to bitmaps, convert to bitmap and then to eye candy.
Its not putting the eye candy inside the text. What it is doing is making a box rectangle box with the eye candy and laying the text ontop of that.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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what program?

Sorry...I see COREL.............

In COREL....take your raster image (bitmap) and "power clip" it into the text.

effects/powerclip/place inside container


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The simplest way to do what you want is...

Set up the text in Draw.

Start up Photo Paint.

Copy the text from Draw and paste it into Photo Paint as an object.

Do whatever gets you off with the Alien Skin plug ins.

Copy the resultant Photo Paint object back into Draw. It will now be a bitmap with a transparent background.

The problem with trying to do it all in Draw is that Draw, especially X3, has some strange notions of transparency that tend to confound Alien Skin. That's why you end up dealing with the entire rectangle in Alien Skin. Photo Paint does not have these foibles.


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All you have to do, while in CorelDraw, is to make sure the "Transparent Background" is enabled when you first convert it to a bitmap. Then select the "Edit Bitmap"...this sends it to PhotoPaint. You can tell if it is right if you have the "marching ants" around the image (text). Then apply your Eye Candy effects, close PhotoPaint, choose YES to save it and it will dump you back into CorelDraw with the effects applied.