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fast rabbit


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I'm looking for a fast, running rabbit image that is kicking up dust or smoke behind him...big flopping ears flagging behind from the speed

any takers / submissions on this one ??




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I might have someone draw it up for me. Here's a couple samples that are close to what I'm looking for.


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    rabbit 2.jpg
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    rabbit 3.png
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I think a rabbitt outstretched might look faster.
I once came across a jack-rabbit in the Utah desert that I startled. I'm not kidding..it must have jumped , straight up, 10 feet into the air and it hit the ground running. FAST...


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Do a 3/4 view from the backside slightly angled... and he'll have speed… plenty of speed. Legs stretched open or not. Anytime something looks like it's cornering, it shows speed. Just so long as the ears are flying towards the rear.


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I want to make certain the rabbit doesn't look like he's taking a dump. So perhaps outstreached legs would be better.
Check out the old Hijacker air shocks logo. A really cool cartoon rabbit just about like you described. There is a good picture on Ebay you could probably copy and vectorize.....then remove the lettering and modify the rabbit so it won't be the same as the logo. It's an old logo anyway....I don't think they use it anymore. I used to have two of these stickers on my hotrod back in the late '70s. Do a google search for Gabriel Hijackers stickers and it will bring up the google link.


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WOW !! that's a million (to all)

learned the hard way - awesome rabitt....perfect

THANX again...........


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Buddy -

You can always use the VW Rabbit as that is a given they are fast... LOL


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