Favourite keyboard shortcuts: Illustrator and CorelDraw


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I did a quick search for keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, and was surprised to not find anything.

What are your favourite shortcuts in Corel or Illustrator?

Sorry for any small errors... I'm trying to do this off the top of my head to see how well I've remembered these...

In Illy I like;

  • ctrl+y for outline preview
  • ctrl+h for hiding the selection outline
  • ctrl+f for pasting directly in front of where you copied from
  • ctrl+2 to lock an object
  • ctrl+alt+2 to unlock objects
  • ctrl+8 to make compound path
  • ctrl+shift+o to convert text to outline
  • ctrl+9 (my custom shortcut to place file)
  • ctrl+shift+[] to send to front/back
  • spacebar - hand panning
  • shift+o to access artboards
  • ctrl+alt+p to access doc setup like bleed etc
  • t for text, m for rectangle and l for ellipse
  • hold alt key and scroll mouse for zoom in/out
  • ctrl+u toggle snap on/off
  • ctrl+; (i think) for show/hide guides
  • ctrl+w for close window
  • ctrl+tab for switching between open docs
  • "f" for toggling between full screen (great for when you want to see everything if the flyouts are in the way)
  • "tab key" is the one that toggles the flyouts maybe? anyway i use tab and f alot for this
  • ctrl+z for undo
  • ctrl+shift+z for redo
  • ctrl+d to repeat transform
  • enter to open move/copy selection dialog
  • ctrl+shift </> to increase/decrease font size uniformly
  • alt+right/left arrow - increase/decrease kerning
  • alt+up/down arrow - increase/decrease line spacing

In Corel I like (forgive me if i get some wrong, I don't use it often these days);
  • I wish illy had these... I mean REALLY WISH... L,R,C,T,B for aligninment, and the best one... P for centre page
  • ctrl+q for convert to curves (for text and rectangle tool)
  • shift+pg down/up for move to back/front

That's it for now... please share your favourites - I'm positive I'll learn a new one... always do!

I know PS has a whole bunch too but let's keep this one for vector for the time being, and if there is a PS pro out there, please start one for PS :)


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I just remembered a couple more for Illy when node editing...

  • C for scissors (cut)
  • shift+c for convert to line/curve and for editing handles
  • A for direct selection tool
  • V for selection tool
  • Y for magic wand selection tool
  • Q for lassoo selection tool


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I think in illustrator by far my most used shortcut ever is based on the old versions of the program, when "command-tab" used to switch between solid and hollow pointer tools. Now that shortcut is used by the system for application switching or something so i had to get a special system app to turn it off. Still can't use command tab for it, but I made a custom one that is now "command-f1". Between that, my custom one for place, and the shortcut of hitting command to temporarily switch to the pointer tool no matter what tool you are currently clicked into....I use those probably a hundred times a day at least.

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Ok, Stupid question time. I know it can be done but I forget the shortcut. When using the type tool in illy, how do I switch back to the selection tool? I always ending typing the letter "V".


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It's so annoying though because I do that everytime in PS as well and in there it deletes what you've typed!!!