FC7000 origin start point


When the COMMAND setting is HP-GL, the origin point can be set to either the
lower left corner or center of the plotting area. When the COMMAND setting is GPGL,
this parameter is not available.
1 Press the MENU key.
2 Press the NEXT key until the following menu appears.
3 Press the F2 key (AREA PARAMETERS). The following menu appears.
Note: ORIGIN is only displayed when the COMMAND setting is HP-GL.
4 Press the F1 key (ORIGIN). The following menu appears.
5 The asterisk “*” indicates the currently selected setting. Press the F3 key to
select LOWER LEFT. Press the F4 key to select CENTER.
6 Press the ENTER key to register your settings.
7 Press the MENU key to return the plotter to Ready status.

Is that what you mean?