Feels good, man


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It has been gang busters getting back on top of production after letting my stock deplete during our shut down (I worked through it, but cut my spending without being asked during the uncertainty and fell behind, then people came back from furlough and felt they should justify their worth by slamming me with work).

I have been working 6 and 7 day weeks (usually keep weekends under 6hrs a day if I can) since April, to finally get back on top of things and have some time to waste here at s101. I am bothered that I can visit any family with this time, but that is life in 2020. Appreciate the the time you have with those you love; I don't know if I will every see my brother or parents again in person.

I hope to have some nice pictures to share next week.


Johnny Best

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Why not take some time and fly or drive to see your brother and parents. It’s summer and you must have some vacation time.