File exchanging fellows


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Well i am 99 % sure that this is legal and morally right !
plz stop me if you think it is not.

The thing is i don't know (yet) how to make my own color profiles for my pritners !
so would it be that absurd to have a profiles thread or a collection here on the site ?

I am planing to learn to make my own profiles. and in those cases i could assume that a database with other ppl profiles for testing would be nice.

Steve C.

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Click on the banner at the bottom of the page. I think
they offer a pretty large selection of print profiles.


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yeah they alot of icc profiles.

few for valuejet and the toucan tho :(

should i maby just advertise to those who have valuejet toucan and hp5500
to send me profiles ?

also anyone who could give me some pointers how to start learning to make profiles. and what spectrum gadgets works well?


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I asked the same question of Fred a while back and the reply was of sound mind !

There are so many different printers and settings and substrates and blah, blah blah, . . .

That it would probably not work . . . What might work fantastically for me and my machine and substrate.

might work completely differently for you even if you have the same set of circumstances


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Aside from the various printer-specific settings within the profile, there are also the environmental conditions wherein the printer is operating (e.g., humidity, room temperature). Though you can obtain a profile for a particular media and ink combination, you still need to test the print quality and tweak the profile as appropriate.


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ok then but how can i make my own profiles ?

plz point me to some reading material hardware ideas and other tips