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Finally! Font management for Windows


New Member
Gotta love Corel! They've provided great font management for years.
It comes with Bitstream Font Navigator and it "helps" you manage your fonts. When you set it up, it will search your hard drive for fonts and sort them for you.
It recognizes all the standard font formats - Truetype, Type 1 and Opentype
It can sort by style too - Decorative, Script, monospaced, Sanserif, etc.
It's easy to install and remove fonts, and you can set up folders and sort your fonts anyway you want and more.
I almost forgot the coolest part. If you open a Corel file and you don't have the font installed on your system, it will ask if you if you want to install the font (assuming you have it) or you can substitute a replacement font of your choice.



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i used corels manager for a while. I find it not as good as Fontexplorer. Fontexplorer doesnt have to be told what to do. If finds the fonts, lists them, previews them in a large window, and at the same time gives you a ton of info about each one. Make my job all to easy when trying to match a font.


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i like corels bitstream.....also try www.mytools.com great font program. i bought ARTS & LETTERS 5 & 6.0, they included a program called BOSS FONTS which is the my tools font manager....it is awsome. you can d/l a trial copy....FREE.