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First Question- Specific Static Cling Vinyl Needs


New Member
Hi... here’s my first post to the group. I’m very much a newbie, but I have tried to conduct a thorough search on the board over the past week + related to my various questions before posting.

Background: I am in the process of starting up a company that would sell a proprietary item made of static cling vinyl featuring photographic images [a small “canvas” of about 4 x 4 inches]. I am seeking a *thick* material [8 mil at least] that is easily reusable, and scratch + water resistant for light indoor use. Imagine a refrigerator decal that will be seen up-close, may get lightly splashed and occasionally moved around. Contour cutting of this item is required. I’m interested in outsourcing initially, with the possible goal to take over my own production of the item.

Research results to date: Having worked with local printers + 1 dealer, I've found that large format printing on a Roland yields amazing graphics [on white], and contour cutting is excellent. We’ve received a range of static cling samples from a major Flexographic printer, but it seems that clarity of the graphics is sacrificed. Aside from assistance with packaging by the Flex printers, initial small runs [up to 1500 or 2000] of the items suggest that the costs associated with Flex and Large Format are comparable. Also, with the former, I don’t like having to invest in the plates, etc., before seeing the actual results.


People tend to mention Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh in their successful static cling vinyl decal work [among others]. But I’m also trying to understand the status/history of the Gerber Edge/EdgeFX.

It seems the Edge is more costly to run, slower, just as much of a learning curve for a novice, and may yield less clear photographic images + more pixilation due to [in part] lower print resolution for something to be viewed up close. Am I off base here?

Still, it also seems the Edge has the benefit of a smaller footprint, is good for small products, + is more environmentally friendly. Perhaps not, though, compared to the Eco-Solvent inks that are out there. And, lamination with the ink printers sounds like a problem for a vinyl decal that would be removed and repositioned.

Which leads me to this question: Given my needs for a high clarity, small, yet durable product/decal, do any of these seem to take the lead as a more logical choice [thermal resin v. thermal ink printing v. ink]? And who offers thermal ink jet anyway [I can’t find anything on this]?

I think I’ll contact the local Gerber rep to receive some samples of cling decals as a next step so I can see the thermal resin results up close.

Okay… enough blathering. And I really thank you in advance for any input you can provide.


Bill Modzel

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It's pretty hard to go wrong with a used Edge 2. Your only issues may be the print resolution that your desiring.
Print and cut is easy and accurate and you may find a whold line of products open up for you with an Edge. The huge variety of substrates makes the Edge a perfect printer for you to grow your new business.


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Thanks Bill...

Hi Bill... thanks for responding to my overly-long post.

Good to know about the Edge accommodating a range of substrates. I'm speaking with a Gerber Rep again today in order to get some samples... I'll be checking into it carefully.

Very much obliged, Katt


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On the contrary, Edge is not good at all for small intricate decals, especially process colors as it has "dot" size limit for all thermal printers. Send a file to the dealer for a test print first.

I don't have luck with both Edge or Mamaki printing on static vinyl. I prefer with low tack, reusable vinyl material. A reminder, many refrigerator doors are textured, static cling vinyl might not stay will.


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Thanks, Gnemmas...

I just spoke with the Edge rep. and will be getting a sample. Although I have some designs featuring mostly large fields/solids [when the Edge may be effective], most of my designs are detailed. So I'll be sure to have them run a test print/s for me. The small size of the Edge is so damn attractive, though.

Also, thanks for the note about the texture of many fridges... I've seen that as well. The application isn't really for a fridge... I just reached for that as an example of a similar indoor venue where splatters may occur.

Again... much obliged! -Katt