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I have done plenty of partial wrap designs, but never a full wrap. I am not sure if this is too busy. It is suppose to pack a lot of energy. Can I have your opinions please, this is one of my big accounts. Thanks


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I think the graphics look good but the type looks bad. I also dont like that liquid nitro on the front fender.
On a different note, they are making Male Enhancement energy drinks now????
Get ready for new spam emails for that one...


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The graphic is "ok", and does have energy, however the typography is hideous. Look at what the big boys are doing. Just sit...and stare, then move to the next, and sit....and stare. Try to understand why they did everything, and throw away those fonts you used. Never, ever, ever use them again.

Fred Weiss

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Do they have anything for someone like me who needs male dehancement?

Sorry ... I couldn't resist.

Nothing to add, but I agree with the comments thus far.

Craig Sjoquist

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ok as stated about the distortion on copy blah ... anyway like the busy part of the back ground for energy.. but the product needs to pop try super graphic that make it huge I mean huge, then the copy can be normal maybe or cartoon like batman style maybe.


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as is... me no likey
with a few mods... it could be good!

1. the typography needs serious help, rework every single letter
2. get rid of everything you currently have on the door and front fender (expect the background)
3. to damn many cans! even if you want to mention all the flavors, you don't need to show a can for each one!
hate all those cans

would be funny if you wrote the flavors like this
MALE ENHANCEMENT of course next to the one that big one that's busting out

oh and the logo you have on the front fender... put that on the hood