Fisrt job..What is the going rate?


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Hi all,
I was asked to do a truck thats doors,tail gate and bed sides.he wants his company name phone,and what hes dose on it ..

This will be my first how would I go about charging him?? What is the going rate for a truck I mean do you charge by door? Size or even color? I wish there was a chart here were we could just go and check rates. Wouldn't that be kool!:thumb: How do you guys know whats the rates?

:U Rock: Thanks

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1,000,000.00 dollars..........................In my Doc. Evil voice............

I would get close to 300.00(1 color no design time) for what you metioned............but take that with grain of salt.....Im usually a little on the low end of the people on the board...........


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1 color, text only, $150 to $200 for the doors only installed. (24" x 20") or so.

You can figure the rest from there.



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$65 a door, $80 for the tailgate, $75 per truck bed side. So it comes out to be around $300 in my book for intermediate vinyl.

Just a ball park though, details could throw that price off by several hundred... possibly.


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Two truck doors, my design, $195, up to 3 colors of cut HP vynull.
(I never put intermediate on a vehicle)
Tailgate is $100, the sides would be another $100.
(If it's their design I might charge more)