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flex or plotter issue?


New Member
We have this ancient Anagraph ANA Express Elite Cutter (V 1.4) that we bought from a sign supply place here in H-town. The owner took a chance on us and let us finance it in-house and he's been patient w/ us ever since, so we're grateful for the machine. The problem is, not sure how much longer we'll be able to be grateful. I feel like it's on its last leg. We run it w/ Flex6 and now when we send it to cut, someone has to be by the plotter ready to press ENTER (pause) IMMEDIATELY! No matter what we do, the speed and pressure SOARS up and we have to pause the job and bring them back down to where they were set in the first place. Then someone has to stand by the plotter during the cut because it does it AGAIN at least once, sometimes twice until the cuts finished (because it rips the vinyl, or cuts like crap). As you could probably guess, this is a waste of time for the person standing by the plotter, and it's just plain ridiculous. Anybody know if this is a plotter issue or something I could fix in Flex? Driver issue? What!??? Thanks in advance....


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I would guess that the software is sending its own settings to the cutter. Did you check the software to see if those setting are the same you want?