Flexi 10.5 printing wireframe as thick line


I usually print a wireframe if an object is white so I know where to trim to (for magnets, banners, etc.). Now I can't seem to print wireframe without it printing the line about an inch thick. Making the box transparent and adding a .010 stroke fixes it, but still, that's weird. A couple days ago I noticed a 1/4" stroke printing at 1/2", so I had to convert to paths. This was while printing at 100%. So I guess all of this was fixable, but it would be nice to print what is expected.


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Can you email me the file Jesse_gvi? I have not run into this issue to date.

Also, include your key number and build number of Flexi.


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I have seen it too, but my line wasn't that big. My line was more like 1/16"-1/8". I haven't tried contacting SAi yet though.


FlexiSIGN-PRO 10.5.1, Build 1806

I have also noticed recently (since upgrading from Pentium D, WinXP to a new i7 computer and Win 7 64bit) that my wireframes were about 1/16" instead of hairline. I just chalked it up to the new setup. This giant line was just today though.
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Have you checked to see if there is a stroke on the object? Sometimes, if a stroke has not been converted to outlines it will not be visible on the screen. Try clearing all strokes, or Select All>Arrange>Convert Stroke to Outlines.