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Flexi 7.0 on Windows XP Pro Sp2 not print


New Member
Hello, I'm spanish and sorry for my bad english.
I have a mutoh 4100 on LPT1. I've updated my computer from Win98 to XP pro SP2 and works fine with my plotter IOLine on Com1 but not print on LPT1, stops at 3% printing and the system stay veeery ralentized.

Any ideas please


New Member
I don't have much to offer, but I can say that I print to my Mimaki from Flexi 7.6 on XP pro SP2 & it works for me. I think you should get the Flexi upgrades. It is probably very inexpensive if you are already at 7.0 & I think there are many improvements. Maybe that will even get you fixed up.


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I would un-install the driver and re-install it, that may help. There are issues with XP and service pack 2 but when we upgraded the uninstall and re-install worked for us.
Also we are running Flexi 7.5v5 so maybe that is helping too. Your english is great but my son has 4 years of spanish and if ever needed he or maybe one of his instructor could help but from what I see, you have very good english skills.

Fred Weiss

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With regard to upgrading your FlexiSign ... providing you are a registered owner of a 7.0 license, all upgrades to the current 7.6v2 are free of charge. You should definitely look into getting the current version installed on your system.

Kevin Huffman

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Hello Adikto,

When you updated from Win98 to WinXp did you do a complete format of the hard driver and install a new set of windows or did you just update win98 to winXP?
I have never had luck with just updating, something's just never seem to act right or connect up properly.
I would suggest backing up all the files you want to save on cd or another hard drive and do a fresh clean install of windows on a blank hard drive.
Yes, I would also get the update from 7.0 to 7.6v2 also, there has been many fixes/patches since the original 7.0 release.


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I had a similar problem!

I woud up grade to 7.6v2 then Uninstall SP2 from Windows or there is a step by step process you can go through to work around the "Open Port Error" problem, just go to www.scanvecamiable.com and download the PDF file with the work around.

Also you may just need to set up your printer to RIP & print at the same time. That helped me out big time

Good luck