Flexi 7.5 setup problem


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I had Flexi 7.5 installed on my windows 2000 machine and was working fine. Since then my motherboard packed it in and I bought a new system with Windows Vista on it. The install went fine except that when I started production manager for the first time, the manufacturer and model popup was empty. (i.e. the window came up but didn't contain any options). Any ideas?


The OS your trying to install flexi 7.5 on is not supported by it. Either wait for a fix ... Buy a Vista compatible sign program or go to XP.

Starting to see allot of problem posts with people trying to install pre-vista software.


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I agree

reformat and load xp pro vista is a piece. they spent how many millions to make sure it could no be hacked and it was already hacked before it hit shelves. they should have spent that money on more research. I only know of 30 programs that are vista compatable so far and they are norton 2007 and so on but no good programs will run on it yet.

Stan B

Hi! Sorry for offtopic, but
does it make any differenct for us "every day signmakers" to use XP home or XP Pro?