Flexi 7.6 unrecoverable error


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Does anyone have a problem with Flexi 7.6 having an unrecoverable error occur when working with Gradients? This happen ALL the time with me! Then it has to shut down and open Flexi again. I never get that error unless I'm working with a gradient color making adjustments to it.

What's the deal? Any Fixes?

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This has always been a problem with Flexi. We use Flexi 8 and we get the same error when speed deleting something like grouped words or small graphics. Flexi claims it's a memory thing.


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Very annoying. I get the same problem when zooming in very closely on small objects and attempting to edit nodes.


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I was told buy a friend that he increased the virtual memory settings on his PC and that helped with the issue. Might be worth a try.


Matthew Scher

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Flexi should never crash, if it does that is a bug (though it may be related to unallocated memory).

If you have a crash in Flexi 8 that can be duplicated then let me know the steps to get it to crash. If I can crash it here then we will fix it for the next release.

Just let me know what verison you have and what steps to follow to get it to crash. If it is file specific, or if it happens more with a specific file then send that to me as well.


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A bit of hardware information may be helpful as well... Processor, Video Card, Memory, etc...

You may also try to uncheck the 'Smooth Screen Disply' option in the General tabs within Preferences.

Correct me if I am wrong Matthew but I have seen a lot of sluggish systems when this option is checked.

Matthew Scher

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Hi Bobby,

The smooth screen display works by rendering at 4x the screen DPI, so it can cause a slow down on some systems. We are working to improve that for the next Flexi release.

By the way, my "favorite" crash in Flexi 7.x is as follows.
1. select bezier curve tool
2. click on screen and drag
3. with mouse button still pressed, press the ESC key.

Flexi will immediately crash. That is fixed in 8.x.

Thanks to Cas Technologies for reporting the above issue. It was very hard to narrow down and they managed to find the exact steps required.