Flexi 7.6 Windows 7 64bit OS???

So I installed it and the HASP Key Driver installed fine and Flexi still won't load?

Tried running it as administrator......didnt work?
Tried running it in XP Service Pack 2/3 mode.....didnt work?

It says the hardware key is not found, but it installed and shows up in devices and printers folder?

Any suggestions anyone?


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7.6 wont work on 64 bit 7 because part of flexi 7.6 uses a 16bit process which are no longer supported under 64 bit.
Ok, so i got it figured out! After about 2 hours of research and a quick call to Steve Rife at Beacon!

All you have to do is go to windows website and download the XP emulation & Virtual machine and run XP as an emulation! Everything works great!