Flexi 8 or Onyx


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just looking for some input on these two ..

if anyone has any input on which one you think is better. i am looking to get new software with a rip for my new wide format printer and software is the next big step

just looking for some opinions




thats apples and oranges....

if you just need a RIP, then get onyx, if you want to do more get flexi


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depends on the printer and what you are looking to do with it. If your doing any print to cuts etc, I would go with flexi. Much easier to use. (It can be done in onyx but involves using Illustrator. If your ripping much larger files or don't have a need for print to cut, go with onyx.

Bottom line, both will do what you want to do. Onyx is a rip only program, while flexi lets you rip and output, and is also a damn good vector program for cutting vinyl and doing layouts etc.

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thanks guys your input is great.. were a sign shop that just got a printer.. and before all we ever used was gerber omega 1.0 and a 15 inch plotter

and now we got a 63 inch printer and plotter

people tell us that onyx is the way to go... but i think flexi would be better being that its more of a design program and im the only one that knows a lil bit about illustrator

thanks a lot everyone
I've never used Onyx, but I've used a lot of vector software and have to always recommend Flexi as the #1 for production.