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FLEXI: "Failed to load color management module"


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tried to find time all day & evening for some prints on the Mimaki that are due tomorrow. Finally around 11 pm I got everything set up & having not had dinner... decided to step out for a few quick slices to get some energy for a late night printing session...

well, my throat is sore & voice almost gone from dealing with this frustrating inability to print my usual way... no matter how much I curse & how loud i yell though... everything that always worked fine before... seems to just not want to work at all now.

When I go to the "Rip & Print" screen, & check my size, my profiles & resolution... then I usually hit send & watch the rip percentage counting up in the corner of my screen. After a few minutes of this I typically watch the print happen.

well, now as soon as I hit the "send" button, I get the message "Failed to load color management module" with a little OK button. Behind this is the "Progress' window just starting to display the progress bar, but stopping due to the "failed..." message. If I click OK, it flickers for just enough of a split second that I see the progress reading advance one bar... I click OK about 12 times untill the progress bar is completed, then the "failed..." box goes away & the rip percentage display starts to count up to 100% in the upper corner. Then the printer starts to advance out the media in approximately 3" increments while the display on the mimaki shows (among other things) the amount of feet up to the 2.1 ft. the job would have required... then it stops 7 the production manager shows nothing left in the que.

As I typed I realized that although I've restarted the computer & the mimaki... another good trouble shooting idea would be try a different print file. this problem has happened 4 times now but using the same file each time... HMMMM... maybe that is part of the problem?

...well, I'll check back in a few.


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OK... progress, the other job I needed to run tonight just printed fine.

The one giving me troubles was a photoshop file sent in layers & compressed with Stuffit from a designer on a mac platform.

I had to get the free dl of stuffit expander for PC to get at the file, then I flattened a copy saved it as a tif & expected it to behave like all my other tif files I create from my own illustrator designs etc.

well, when I went back to look at that file to find anything unusual, the first thing was the box upon opening saying embedded color profile does not match current CMYK working space. I don't usually think much about that box, because in all honesty it is completely over my head... guess I'll have to learn a bit about that now that I'm into inkjet printing.. anyway I had previously selected the option to "use the embedded profile"

I have a feeling that is the lions share of the problem, if not all of it. The other thing I noticed is when I saved a copy after changing my selection to "Convert the document to the current CMYK working space" it asked me to choose my "tiff options" It was already on the Mac option, so I switched it to the "IBM PC" option. (I don't remember seeing that when i flattened the original photoshop document, but maybe i'm so used to it already saying IBM... that I just clicked OK, without reading & without changing to IBM. Anyway, that may have been part of the problem, but now I will try out the copied file & post my results here later.


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well, that was it, got a beautiful print!

..guess I shouldn't have wasted energy on freakin out down here... maybe I could delete all references to my tantrum before the rest of the world wakes up... nah, that's just me I guess, always impatient & a bit of a loose cannon. well thanks to all who would have helped... maybe this episode will help someone else someday if it pops up on a search.


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... maybe this episode will help someone else someday if it pops up on a search.

It did! We just had a similar problem 5 mins. ago, so we looked at all the Mac/PC boxes after searching here. Ours stemmed from the wrong box being checked when a rendering was scanned using a Mac, to be printed using a PC.

Excellent use of the subject line, by the way. :thumb: