Flexi keeps changing my work space to Aspire!!!


It started about 2 weeks ago and every morning when opening Flexi it is in this Aspire work space. I don't even know what Aspire is!!!. I switch it back to default and then I have to reload the tool bars I want. The next day it's back at Aspire.

I callled Flexi and the answer is that it should not do that and have no clue why it is.

Anybody know how I get it to be default and lock it in ?


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this is a longshot but if it gets crazy for you try resetting your preferences. Be aware that resetting preferences nukes your system back to a default Flexi so Prod Mgr will have no devices and you have to recreate everything. I believe though that you can export your Prod mgr settings and then import them again. I'm hedging a bit because I don't know your version of Flexi. Good Luck
- denis


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Just double checking that after you close the program have you tried saving a new file in the preference manager? I seem to recall having something similar happen like this many years ago and I think one of the files I saved in preference manager became corrupt as it wouldn't load my tool bars like it always had before. Saving a new preference file fixed it.


You mean Inspire? In the preferences dialog in the edit menu is an option if Flexi saves preferences when closing, or not. If this option is unchecked, it could happen that settings you chose will not be applied permanently. I would check that first.

Inspire is a Flexi predecessor of scanvec from the end of the 1990s, which was discontinued after their merge with amiable to „scanvec amiable“ (SAi).
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