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Flexi - Optimize Cutting Order


New Member
On FlexiSign Pro 7.5 inside the cut/plot screen under advanced there is a optimize cutting order. When checked it is suppose to efficiently cut in order. My question is - The factory setting is 10. If I raise it to say 20 will it increase the efficiency or decrease the efficiency?

Mike Paul

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When set to 10. It keeps the cutting to 10 inch increments.
Changing it to a higher number will just make the material roll forward and back more during cutting. Less efficient.


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once you set it lower then the width of your vinyl, you may sacrifice more efficiency on one axis to gain a lesser amount of efficiency on the other axis. Consider 6" long script with lots of letter centers to cut out. Now consider 12 copies of this running perpendicular to the width of the vinyl. If set at 10... Flexi could finish each single continous outer contour and all letter centers before moving an inch across & finishing the next, then the next. But if set at 5, you are telling it to go 13" across the length of the vinyl cutting out the letter centers from one copy to the next & back again before ever finishing the first word.

Maybe not the best example, & probably splitting hairs as far as actual time lost, or saved... but as a conceptual puzzle, I think that is my final answer


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regardless of the setting, it's still going to take the same amount of time to cut the whole job, but which would create a more accurate job is the question. or would a different setting even have more accuracy? the vinyl is going to move the same amount end the end anyway.

(i'm new to vinyl cutting and these are just my newbie observations, so be nice :) heheh)


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I think that it is worth playing with, and I do think that it is dependant on what you are cutting.

My complaint with Flexi on this matter has always been that I feel that Inspire was more efficent in the order that it would cut. I would also agrue the point that it will always take the same amount of time. With the way Flexi sometimes jumps around on what it cuts, it could be a hell of a lot faster if it would cut in a different order.

My $.02.