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Flexi Pro 7.62 drama? Creation PC630


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Thought I would try here and see if anyone can enlighten me.

Firstly, I've been peeking around the site, heaps of great info and work :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Yup, I'm a tight one, using my old Flexi pro and a cheaper cutter (Creation PC630) - that could very well be my problem! Cutter supplier says no, a few setting adjustments and you'll be fine.

What my problem is, letters arent closing when cutting, therefore leaving about a 1mm bit which I have to cut by hand. If I just weed away - it leaves a mess. Especially on fine work. Also square edges on letters, shapes etc, are Slightly rounded, inside and out.

Hubby says he cant see a thing, that it looks great, he can only see when I point it out, a blind man wouldnt even notice, but it Really annoys me!!!

I have tried everything I can think of, blade height adjustment, speed, pressure, vinyl quality - all the same problem.

The cutter supplier suggested that I make some adjustments in Flexi, (he mentioned angle sharpness and 'close') but seriously, apart from the obvious that is under my nose, I cant find anything remotely close to what he has suggested!!!!

Has anyone else use/d this setup? If anyone can please possibly enlighten me I'd be Very appreciative!!


Fred Weiss

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Sounds like you need to adjust the blade offset amount at the plotter. What degree blade are you using?


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New blade for Plotter or take out and clean the blade . . .

Bad cutting strip on plotter . . .

not enough cutting force on plotter or blade height not adjusted correctly . . .

I would check all of these things before messing around in Flexi !

Good Luck !


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Thanks for the suggestions :) I was just probing further into this site rather than doing Real work ;) and found the thread on Creation...seems it Can be a problem with them due to lack of memory - sounds like my MIL LOL

The suggestions for fixing are to make an overcut, I'll have to investigate and see if flexi has this option.

The retailer of the creation said that it works well with Flexi, and also included Artcut (which wont even start up on my puter grrrr) and some other crap to which I could achieve better results giving my 5yo a pair of scissors!! so back to the drawing board...will post if I ever find a solution!!

Thanks again!


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Cutter supplier says no, a few setting adjustments and you'll be fine

make them tell you how tis done. If they can't then send it all back. Screw them making every one else be their tech support.