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FlexiSign 8 - PDF Import Problems

Andy @ Easy Signs

New Member
Hi Everyone,

Just wondering how you deal with the frustrating problem of importing PDF files into FlexiSign Pro 8.

Nearly all of the files we recieve are from graphic designers who love to use transparencies & drop shadows. Most of the time these will not come in correctly.

Does anyone know if there is an update of any kind or plans for an update to Flexi to solve these import problems?

To get around this I generally open the PDF files in photoshop at 150dpi to the correct size they will be printed and then save them as a JPEG file at the top quality. I then import the the JPEG into flexi and it prints really well. This is however a long frustrating process to do over and over.

I would appreciate your comments!



Sign-Man Signs

I use the same as you. I just updated my Reader 8.0 and don't have anymore problems. Hope it helps.


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Andy, I use the same method. I save as a tif with the icc profile embedded (anywhere from 72-300ppi depending on the application).


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I am having the same problem. I import the pdf's from design houses, the sahdows and other effects become blocked (as in square). Very frustrating as I then have to open in PhotoShop and then save as a .psd file.
Anyone else run into this?
Mike B
Big River Sign Co.


New Member
I have the same problem. I usually open the pdf in Acrobat Professional and save as a 150 - 300 dpi RGB TIFF and print that. I like opening in Acrobat because most customers are looking at the file in Reader or Acrobat and this method seems to match the colors they are seeing more accurately. I think you can tell customers to flatten the transparencies before saving as a pdf but a lot of them wouldn't know how to do that. I would also like to know if there is a certain pdf version or Illustrator version that Flexi would open correctly 100% of the time. Any one know?
Have you attempted to open the PDF directly into Production Manager? I do this often, and it's possible to scale the file to desired size right in the Job Properties window of Production Manager. Of course, you cannot edit the file in Production Manager.

Acrobat PDF files generally will open and print properly using this workflow, and not import correctly into Flexi.


Andy @ Easy Signs

New Member
Thanks for you comments!

I tried importing a PDF directly into Production Manger a while ago and the file came in much better but was still missing something. However I tried with the new file im working with and it came in perfect! Thanks for your help.

My only problem now is that there is a gradient in the design and for some reason the rip decides to only make 4 different huge bars of shades of grey instead of a nice smooth gradient.

I have the gradient rip selection set to "Super" or whatever the highest one is.. Has anyone had any problems with this?


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The best method that I have found is to open the pdf in Illustrator, make sure all fonts have been converted to outlines and then save as an Illustrator 8 eps. I have found that you will run into problems if native illustrator ai files have been used in the artwork - they will reverse out. Tell your clients to use eps's for placed vector artwork and you'll be ok. If you try to save fairly complex artwork at banner sizes as a tiff or a psd you can sometimes bump up against file size limitations.


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Forgot to add - the black boxes that Mike B describes are where the designer has placed native Illustrator ai files in the artwork.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
You get the best results by opening the PDFs in Illustrator and then "flattening" any of the live effects -either by using the "expand" command on specific objects or just selecting everything and using the "flatten transparency" dialog. Sometimes you need to go back and use pathfinder commands to clean up overlapping objects (common problem in expanded line strokes). That's pretty important if you're taking the artwork to a vinyl cutter.

Once you're satisfied with how the artwork looks flattened/expanded then you can save it in Illustrator format and have an easier time getting it into Flexi or various other programs.