FLOODED capping station


clean your capping station/drain lines/waste bottle once a week!

for now, to fix your problem, run a LOT of "Disway wash". If your drainage lines are clogged really bad, you might need to replace them. Possibly even the pump and the capping station, as well.

This happens with improper routine maintenance of your machine.


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Last time this happened to me, it was due to defective dampers.

If the pump's internal rubber nodes were broken, the ink would just siphon through, and if you had a clog in the line, chances are the suction wouldn't pull enough ink from the heads anyhow. Check for clogs by moving the head aside and make a pull with a syringe from the line connected to the pump responsible for those cap-tops. If the ink drains, then a clog isn't your issue.

If that's the case, it's more than likely that your dampers aren't holding a vacuum, and just letting ink fall out, instead of holding it until a charge shoots it out.

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Had the same problem with my black found out it was a pump the one side went out and i replaces it then the problrm was corrected.


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it was the first time 4 me to open my second hand imaki jv130
i said worst thing ill call a the plumber
the pumps sound like tkink o k
found that the line between the caping and the pump was full of dry ink so there was no flouoo of ink between the pump and capping

i removed the capping (even open it just to have a look..closed it white all 8 small springs .. :)

i cut the tube and try to clean it with no luck this dry ink is like a rock i had no tubes on me..
so i cut some tube frome a differnt color and fix it
pulled the air out
and vowalla! no flud
im happy
thank u all


i win!
also, even though you think the problem may be fixed... it might be worth your while to do some long cycles of cleaning solution through your lines to keep such a problem from returning.