Flying Cat


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Someone needs to make sure Fred keeps his pug inside.
Cat-drones are going to cause serious panic in the canine world.

wayne k
guam usa


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Someone got that one wrong! I thought it was called dog fighting back in the day! (Bi and Tri planes fighting in the air) not cat fighting:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Scott Reynolds

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Just wait till an ESC or a motor fails, he will crash his cat and break one of its arms off. Then he will feel bad...

(I know, cats have legs, BUT Quad Copters have "arms")


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Don't just want to go up to this guy and kick him right in the balls....

yes and then stuff them and make them into an airplane to go along with his helio kitty


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Of course after a loss of a pet the first though is to make the corpse into a toy.

Following that you can turn the recently departed relatives into furniture.

He honestly thinks the world is interested in his cat copter. No they are interested in the Freak that does this to his pet.