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Andy D

Active Member
This will probable sound ridiculous..
But I have been looking for a way to supply our clients from other parts of the states
with a profession site sign & not get killed with shipping.
Is there a substrate (not banner) that will roll up fairly tightly, or fold, be outdoor & impact durable, ridged.
I was hoping there was some type of "system" of ridged material, that's made to break down.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

Andy D

Active Member
I was thinking polystyrene too, but it doesn't do well out doors, does it?
Plus, I don't think the thin stuff wouldn't lay flat, but the thicker stuff would.... I think.

The problem with poly-carbonate is it's cost prohibitive (unless you have a real cheap source)


Old Member
What do you mean by "professional site sign"....what size are you talking about ...and what are you using now? I don't know if 10mm coroplast fits that description but you can make a 4'x8' sign and slit it on one side to get it to fold up fairly compactly, then unfold it and hold it open with some 3/8" rod in the flutes. That actually makes a nice "system" and if were a smaller size then the 3/8" rod would also stake it into the ground.


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A banner.... I've had people ship me 4 xx 8 banners and ask that I put up the post and plywood and screw it on.

I breezed through all the responses, but every suggestion I saw would need something rigid behind it for wind support, so lets go all the way. A banner would be the cheapest product you could print, ship, and installation would be easy as well...