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font help?

Driving Force

New Member
anyone know the fonts used?


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New Member
It's called "Sideways Scramble".
Seriously, the "J" is quite similar to Commercial Script, the "ANO'S" is Flamenco, and the Trophies looks like FHA Round Block.
(Just guessin')


New Member
I hate to come off sounding like a jerk here..but if you cant even rotate your scan for us...then why should we even bother?

Driving Force

New Member
Thanks Jillbeans,
you were exactly right except for the FHA round block, but I wasnt too worried about that part.
It been a long day already and you just made it a lot better!!


Active Member
"J" is Commercial Script with some added slant. "Trophies" is Clarendon Bold. Jill is right with the Flamenco (and Commercial Script)