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Someone said Copperplate, but serifs look different, anybody else?


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Fred Weiss

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There are lots of different versions of Copperplate. Adobe, for example, has a number of them that many sign companies never encounter. If you will provide a flat scan of a couple ot the letters, I will be happy to run an automated font ID comparison on it. Working from a photo taken from an angle negates that possibility.

Bobby H

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I doubt if it's even Copperplate. I have several different versions of the font family. The one Adobe distributes and the versions distributed by Bitstream and URW are the most common. They don't match up with that sample at all.

It may be some odd-ball freebie font that attempts to copy Copperplate. It almost appears like some half-hearted serifs were just bracketed onto a naturally sans serif font.


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I found an easy solution, I just peeled the rest of vinyl off & started from scratch! Thanks for replys.