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Font Help


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Is this font called Glyph & where can I find it Thank you


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Good eye! I got it off wwww.bestbrandsoftheworld.com and its a mess.
I cant locate an auto clean feature and did'nt want to spend the time to clean by hand as its a quick 4x8 corplast for a new Walmart going up.
I decided to clean it up by hand after cutting it as is.
But... The customer came in to approve the proof and give me the deposit.
He had an estimate from a franchise that quoted him $300. for 3/16".
I wanted the account so I gave him a price of $250. each and was going to use the 1/2" coroplast I have on hand. He told me the $300. was for all 3 signs!. Whaaat?

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Many of the logos on Brands of the World are stinky attempts at re-creation. I'd try scouring the web for PDFs that might have the "Always" mark, or just get a sharp quality print of it to scan and auto-trace. If you're doing legit work for Wal-Mart they may be able to get you the art you need.

FWIW, I think Wal-Mart might be getting away from that "Always" tagline.


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Yes the signs were for the contractor so I thought I would include the logo as there is no indication that its the Walmart site at this time.
No I let that one walk out the door and retained my artwork!
Thank You for your help
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