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Font ID for Caprice SS


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Looking for Font ID of this font if it is a font...?


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TVG, I read somewhere that Chevrolet has all of the text on their vehicles custom made, and its not a standard font. But who knows, I could be wrong. Good Luck


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Ir looks like the SS from the Impala SS emblem and someone added the Caprice to it. Chevrolet never offered a Caprice SS.

The Vector Doctor

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Yes, they almost always create a custom nameplate for a car. Rarely would a car manufacturer use a typestyle to typeset a nameplate. They design the letters to be unique just like every other detail on the car.


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I have your answer Will - It's Sandoval skewed and modified . . . !

If it's not it - It's as damn close as you'll ever get ! ! !

New I had it, PM me if you need it !


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you'll have to get close & modify it Chevy customs their fonts I did an Impala SS last year & tried to find font but ended up tracing it & making what I needed


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Proof is in the Font !

Like I said - Sandoval - Modified & Skewed . . . !


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