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Font Id Help


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Does anyone know what font this is? :thankyou:


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Fred Weiss

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In the future, check out www.identifont.com.


After having hundreds of fonts identified in this forum and numerous posts expressing complete willingness (time permitting) to do so, and many discussions as to how any particular ID was made and, hopefully thousands of readers gaining some knowledge they did not have, and considering this website's primary mission is to help members become more professional ...

I find your post totally misses that point of the Fonts and Typography Forum and of Signs 101. I mean no rudeness, Kris, and you probably mean well, but why would you even suggest that a member go elsewhere and learn nothing when he or she needs a font identified?


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The font ID sites rarely work, at least from my experience. I can also say, from experience, that the Fonts & Typography forum is awesome! If Fred can't figure out what you're looking for, someone else surely will. And usually it only takes a few minutes.