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Can anyone help me identify these fonts please? Initially I thought this would be no problem to reproduce, I figured the font for SAC was Cooper or Goudy and the font used for SCRAPPERS was Serpentine. I can make Goudy work but the A is still wrong. What's got me totally puzzled is SCRAPPERS, Serpentine is visually similar but it is not it, the strokes vary in different areas of the characters. No matter how much I distort, condense, stretch , outline or inline it I just cannot get it to match, is there possibly a different Serpentine font other than SerpentineDBol?


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Use GOUDY HEAVYFACE then condense that rather than using GOUDY HEAVYFACE COND. You'll find that the A should then match as well as the other letters. Yes there are various Serpentine versions that will vary slightly from one font house to another. Good luck