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Font Id please


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That was quick, Gene. Is it possibly known under a different name? Can't locate that one anywhere on my font CD's.


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Here is a comparison of what I have w/ your sample - I searched my machine for a duplicate (I have too many) no such luck, sorry. I also searched for Monotype Corsiva clones to no avail.




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Geez, thanks Gene and Fred. I've decided to use the Zaph thing. Had the font under that name. Of course, it's not exact, but I modified it enough that it will work.

This site rocks!


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Cadmn said:
Monotype Corsiva believe it is part of corel 9 fonts

Getting Corel's fonts was worth the $179 I paid for the program. But now that I have Flexi I never use Corel. I got a laptop this past Mon. I installed Corel today and noticed a bunch of fonts I did not even know it had on one of the clipart cd's. That brings my total up to 16000 at my finger tips using bitstream font nav.