font id please


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some of it looks like athletic type but other parts are not.


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No matches from here. I seriously doubt its a font. You could recreate it or replicate it starting with SCRIPTEK, ROBOTIK or possibly SQUARE SLAB SERIF 711


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I was kind of thinking the same thing. Thanks for the references to work it out.


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looks like it was poorly traced at one time which is why it may be hard to identify. i say
retrace it and clean up the nodes and it should be fine.


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Thanks, I took one of the close fonts and converted to curves and then moved the nodes. The 'artwork' consisted of a printed sheet of paper and an embroidered hat I took a photo of. I noticed while doing this the center of the lettering is to the right of the I in the center. Oh well, it isn't noticeable unless you measure it.