font ID?


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Can anyone help me out on this one? Seems pretty simple but I've gone through my fonts a couple times and haven't found it yet...



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Fred Weiss

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Dude just use a font close to it like helvitica or arial.

If you do not respect your clients, they will not respect you. One way of respecting your clients is to honor whatever specifications are entailed in a job. A sample of a font face is a specification and, unless the client says that something close will do, meeting that specification while charging the client accordingly is not something unimportant in separating yourself from competitors who would do as you suggest while commanding a higher price for your work.


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I'm thinking most of us have Frutiger....and if you don't, you probably should. There is a Humanist 777BT that is a Frutiger knock-off.


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you're right Fred, i never settle for just "CLOSE", i have to match the font and if i couldn't i vectorize it. that's why my customers come back to me.