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Font ID


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Closest thing I got to was Ming Lu but the "S" isn't right???? I haven't attempted the lower case yet.



  • american real estate.bmp
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Vdoc said:
...which is different than some of the other Garamond fonts out there. Your sample is not the ITC version or the one from Microsoft Office loaded on many PC's.

As a matter of fact, I think there are at least a half dozen variations on Garamond.

Niiiiice tip! That one had stumplified me time and a again... Matter of fact, I've got a logo at the shop right now that I'll be checking against the different Garamond Families ...and Cousins.

datcat said:
...I haven't attempted the lower case yet.

The lowercase type looks like a Helvetica/Swiss font. And if the apostrophe stumplifies you like it has me, here's a read on that subject: