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Font ID


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Can anyone tell me what font this is?


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Not so fast. The typeface is Rockwell or a clone thereof. The thing at the above URL is some enthusiast's rather stilted interpretation of Rockwell with a rabbit stuffed into the 'O'. The loops of the 'P' and 'B' are poorly done as well as the serifs on the 'Y' leaving much to be desired. Among other things.

If you want to reproduce this you'd be far more correct to use Rockwell in an appropriate weight and drop your own rabbit into the 'O'.


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Yep- bob's right- Rockwell or Memphis. Although Shovelhead is, too- 'cause that looks like the top of an issue of Playboy to me!


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it actually is the top of a playboy...but I don't need the bunny stuffed in the "O". Thanks everyone for the help. :thumb: