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Font Identification Help


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Man, it's sure hard to come up with an original thread title in here. As browsers of this sub forum are quite familiar, I need help identifying a font. I got about 60% of the way through our library and thought I'd ask here and see if I could save some time. I was really focused on the 'k' in Skinner thinking that if I found it all of my problems would be solved. Or was I just screwing myself up because it's been modified?

Have a look, any advice or opinions on what to looks for in the future are also hugely welcome.

Thanks in advance!


  • skinnerlogo.pdf
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Holy crap! Do you guys always try to reply within 37 minutes?!

Can I ask, was it strictly experience that helped you identify that? Or did you use any sofrtware/tools?

Thanks a TON. I can get a bunch of work from this guy, now.