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Font management on a local network?

Steve C.

New Member
How do you manage your fonts on a network? I tried placing a folder with all fonts in my shared documents. I have Font Navagator installed on all three computers. But designing on one computer and cut/ print from another continues to cause me problems with missing fonts. My production computer uninstalls some fonts when it is turned off and I have to install again daily.
Please advise.


New Member
I was hoping you answered your own question when I saw the post author & reply were both from you because this question interests me too.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Because I don't really manage my fonts in this way, I didn't respond. We have all our fonts organized on a network drive where all workstations can access them as needed. We all have a core group of fonts that are installed on each workstation but whenever we go outside of that group we just install the font as needed and usually convert to outlines before we save.


New Member
Hiya Steve,
I've had limited success with this. I think most of the problems occur when you're moving fonts from one computer to another, or to a central location. The other issues occur when the font source is not accessible.
This is how I had the most success with the fewest issues...
If you have a central server and your license agreement allows for it, your best bet is to install the fonts on the server using the appropriate installation option. Once you have the fonts properly installed, set up font navigator to look for fonts at this source.
If you don't have a central server, try installing the fonts on a computer that will be on the most and allow the other computers access to the folder where the fonts are installed. Normally, you can just copy or install them to a shared folder on the hard drive.

Good luck,