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Font on US Currency


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Anyone know the font used on US currency that says "United States Of America" on the back ?


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Shovelhead said:

Well, sort of. The face of the characters on the currency is the product of the engraver's hand. The typeface found at the referenced web site is most likely extrapolation of the characters seen on the bills.

There's lots of faces that have a similar history wherein specific words exist without an actual full character set existing. There's a font that extrapolates the famous 'Walt Disney' signature, which isn't Walt Disney's signature at all by the way. Mad magazine's title and lots of movie and TC series titles have had typefaces extrapolated from them. Most of them are pretty bad. What looks good in a specific word or two in a specific context generally doesn't lend itself well to an entire character set.

That's why there's sign writers and then there's type setters. Closely related but still a big difference. They work burning different ends of the same candle. A sign writer makes up an ad hoc character set appropriate to the task while a type setter chooses an existing type face appropriate to the task. While the sign writer has only its skill to keep things on a typographical even keel, the type setter has the physical limitations of the type which dictate the most of the rules. It's why business cards and other printed matter designed by a sign writer usually looks like something that fell of the side of a circus wagon.


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
Shovelhead said:
that money was printed using the font found on the link.

Never thought you did. Nonetheless, there's an abundance of people that seem to think that each an every character used anywhere can be found in some ttf etc file. It certainly isn't a leap of faith to assume that the original poster was so inclined, else why would it ask?

Just thought I'd clear that up a taste. Think of it as community service or something.

Si Allen

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You mean it's like this?

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