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font question


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I have seen something in this family, & think I have it... but I'm having a senior moment.
Can anyone help out with this identification?


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THATS AN FUGLY FONT CHANGE IT... brush dom is close.....brake apart the word FOOD, down size the 2 o's a bit..and i dont think anyone will know the differance....


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Thanks guys!
I just closed the deal on 3K worth of digital prints mounted to PVC for a one day event at the Ritz. The font may be Fugly, but some clients like this one... I just give them what they ask for.

In this case they need me to use the 2 lines (shown above) that they provided me a suitable image file for... but for the rest of the copy, they asked for "something similar"

I appreciated being able to tell them I could buy the font they used, but that I cloud also set the type in something similar (Tempus Sans) which they agreed to.

I owe you guys one.