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Font Recognition Expert Defined needed

paul luszcz

New Member
Font Recognition Expert Defined

Does anyone recognize this font? I can't tell if it's a script with an outline or a multi part font.

Help identifying either would be appreciated.

Is F.R.E.D. available today?


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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Paul, I don't recognize it and FontExpert, trying it with and without the relief shadow lines, does not recogniize it either.


New Member
I really only clicked on this thread to say that when someones looking for a font expert & there is already a reply by Fred... well, it's obviously not worth the bother to look in on another solved mystery... but I guess Fred proved me wrong this time.

I can't solve the mystery either, & what i found may be no better... or even far worse then other wrong answers you already found, but I saw that Fred mentioned a different resource, so I tried www.whatthefont.com & found one font that has some reasonable close similarities to that one character. I know a lot of my clients would accept something close if I'm adding copy to fit in with an existing look... rather then needing to redo an existing logo with an exact match.

So, in a case like that maybe you could add an outline to this:


found http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/scriptorium/queensland/queensland/]HERE[/URL]


New Member
I didn't read all of the thread...That font is the wrong one sorry I just to conclusions sometimes!

paul luszcz

New Member
Doug, I used What the Font and came it up with the same suggestion; so at least it's consistant.

This is the B used on a "Bayliner" brand boat, so I need an accurate match. I'll have to vectorize it and clean it up.

Thanks all for trying.